We state they spend their time on MUT

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EAs higher ups are messing with shit that definitely makes it challenging, but Madden 21 coins considering the devs behaviour throughout all this I don't think that is the problem anymore, I believe Clint needs to answer for this shitshow. All of us joked about how it was copy paste for years but it has not really become a fact until Clint took on the show. There's no shortage of advice, EA has all the information they could ever should improve madden nevertheless they continue to ignore it.

Hell we state they spend their time on MUT, but how much does MUT actually change year to year in a fundamental level? I dabble in it for a cumulative 10 hours every year and it is always the same at the base. I truly do not know what these devs do all year. God damn EA, you had 12 months to put this shit in this game. You're working at home, why do these basic upgrades take 3 months to discharge? Oh that's right it's cause you spend most of your resources and time on fucking MUT. It's clear they are feeling the strain from the neighborhood and they have seen all the bad reviews, but they nevertheless do not give a fuck. Just tell us this season is a wash already. They actually have less time than that. I believe it's more like 8 months to create Madden. I really wish that EA would do what Activision did with CoD and earn a different studio or two so that they have more time to spend on the game. Imagine how great of a match that had 3 or 4 years of development would be.

And that's a fantastic idea but I am sure its yet to occur because of greed and money. Even with all the hate EA gets, they make a fuck ton away their games. They will need to expand the development team or just make MUT its own separate thing. I also really wish these significant madden YouTubers would quit ripping packs in videos. I found throne ripped $1000 in packs in one of the videos another day. That just makes folks, like myself, want to go rip some packs. It's a very negative trickle down effect. Or just upgrade the current iteration with new roster updates/franchise upgrades for 10 dollars a year or something. Idk. Anything else than what were currently becoming. They could but that also would not fix how broken it is gameplay is. I remember when I played Madden 20 I thought hey that is way better than last years then just like after a week or two it just seemed like the code was breaking down bugs and glitches started appearing.Overall, it's quite enjoyable, and it's fun thinking you have produced a new fundamental, or meta-strategy, to get a new football that does not exist anywhere else. Figuring out how to pull off the midair lateral -- by which a receiver instantly pushes the ball to a nearby teammate, like a volleyball player setting the ball -- was a enjoyable breakthrough.

Not having a"normal" season, or threatening all the normalcy that an NFL Sunday has come to signify, makes this year when a more outsized, less realistic variant of the sport can carry the banner. In real life, there's sufficient doubt about how the regular season will go that it is a true head slap watching a Madden game start with the full-bore demonstration of an NFL Sunday (particularly if Gaudin cites"the Washington Football Team"). It's not a fantastic feeling; the idealized presentation of cheap Mut 21 coins soccer within a world without COVID-19 brings more pain than relief.